Lag Studios

We work hard and make weird games

Lag Studios is a small independent team consisting of 2 people, Akuma Kira and Psychobilly. Rather than conform to the desires of everyone, we would rather make games that are not for everyone. Because the people who do like it will like it much more. We would rather have a small dedicated following than a large uncaring one. We make games for us - and we make them as weird and horrible as we want.

Want to support Lag Studios in our quest, or help us fight the tendrils of student debt that wiggles just around the corner? Try the link below.

All let's play videos are completely fine with us.

Lag Studios is:

Akuma Kira

CEO, Designer, Programmer

They are responsible for painting all the art, designing the sounds and working hard to make sure the whole project is going in the right direction. Akuma Kira likes to poke fun at the trends the game industry follows, and find new ways of scaring people with loud noises.

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PR, Programmer, Q/A Manager

They make sure significant hype is generated for each project and engage with the community. Psychobilly also keeps the games running smoothly by collecting bug reports and runs the wiki.